Accessibe's ADA Solution

DNA Agency and AccessiBe share a common mission of providing the world a better, more accessible; a place for billions across the world to conduct business, communicate seamlessly, educate, and better their lives through the vast power of the internet and the endless apps and technologies available.

ADA Compliance is essential to serve your customers and provide them the tools they deserve. According to AccessiBe's Web Accessibility Annual Report for 2020, 20% of worldwide users of the internet suffer from a disability preventing them from fully utilizing the power of the majority of the web today. A plethora of non-compliant organizations is now liable for damages due to laws now effective in Canada, as well as lawsuits in the United States, where various firms have been found negligent and delivered large fines and penalties. 

AccessiBe is the only organization with 100% compliance providing the full power of the internet absent their disability such as:

Their technology is GDPR & CCPA compliant and implements the highest industry standards and practices in regards to both the security of the websites we operate on and the privacy of their users. Trusted by industry leaders, you know you are in good hands.

The technology is fully customizable and can easily adapt to your website's design; you no longer need to compromise your website’s design in favor of accessibility. AccessiBe’s interface offers multiple, seamless customization options so you can easily make it look like a material part of your site. With the ability to:

  • Customize the interface colors
  • Modify sizes and shapes
  • Choose an icon out of 20+ options
  • Position the icon wherever you prefer

AccessiBe protects you from lawsuits even providing litigation support. AccessiBe is the only AI-powered, automatic solution in the industry today that is proven to make websites fully compliant and beat legal cases. AccessiBe fully certifies and protects your business from litigation around the clock.

Further, AccessiBe is platform agnostic and can be integrated into any CMS and website building platform requiring only a single line of code to be pasted. DNA Agency: Branding Marketing + Business Consulting firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is happy to assist in the implementation and any questions you may have. 

AccessiBe costs just $49 a month for around-the-clock protection. This plan is for websites under 1,000 pages. For websites with over 1,000 pages, prices start at the $99 and $149 level dependent on needs.

DNA Agency has teamed up with AccessiBe due to our shared mission and vision of providing individuals and business owners with the power to reach and exceed their goals in life and business. Further, we have a combined vision of seeing an ADA Accessible internet by 2025, which will provide everyone a fair opportunity to succeed and advance technology, communication, and lives for billions across the world.