Casa Dos Chicas Café

“Everything is possible over a cup of coffee.”

The motivational mission behind Ana and Oneida's Latin, women-owned coffee brand Casa Dos Chicas Café.

Ideas are born with the aroma and flavor of coffee - inspiring creativity, community and connection. Founded by like-minded women who became friends and entrepreneurs through their mutual passion of accounting and coffee.

Casa Dos Chicas Café is on a quest to seek sustainable and ethical trade practices to grow, source, roast and prepare coffee - bringing quality beans to your morning brew. From coffee novice to connoisseurs, we're committed to delivering multi-sensual experiences to delight your taste-buds and nourish your soul. Supporting women-owned coffee farmers in South America and beyond.

DNA Agency USA helped Casa Dos Chicas Café edit and produce a video for a grant fundraising competition iFundWomen. 

Shop to support Casa Dos Chicas Café mission with quality, coffee beans.