Leveraging Page Speed Insights to Improve Your Google Page Ranking

Many are frustrated and plagued by the same ongoing issue. “Why do I not have a great rank on Google, and even more frustrating why so many visitors abandon my webpage!” Although this can be unbelievably frustrating we completely understand.

The fact of the matter is that as a business owner we must acknowledge that page speed impacts SEO and is a direct ranking factor.

Google has created a complex algorithm that assesses why Google should trust your website. Google is the middleman between users researching for answers and your website. As an incredibly large and powerful organization, they have elected that page speed is an essential metric of search engine ranking. Further, with slow load speed, in combination with potentially slow internet speeds, many customers could simply abandon your website or assume it is riddled with bugs if load speeds are slower than competitors.

There are many ways to improve your SEO, for instance, becoming an educational authority, on topics related to your products and services, will help improve your ranking on nearly all of Google’s results. This includes where your page ranks in organic search for a topic. Although a part of increasing page rank is organic content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and external links, many overlook that your page speed may be vastly behind your competitors.

Once you review your PageSpeed Insights you will likely be left with many questions, however, the most prevalent and important to many business owners is “how do I fix my website load speed?” Unfortunately, but expectedly, this is oftentimes a far more complex answer than most business owners want to hear. However, often your page wasn’t developed well enough to take into account image file size, video embedding, mobile vs. desktop (UI/UX), among other major factors.

(A full explanation and guide of reading the insights can be found here, if interested.)

I challenge everyone to at least acknowledge their page speed ranking today. At the very least this will make you aware of your website's shortfalls today. When you are ready to tune up your webpage for high performance we are here for you be it a website redesign, migration, content creation, or consulting.

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