Branding, graphic design, marketing collateral design

Brand Architect

  • DNA working closely with key stakeholders in the creation of actionable strategies that ensure we achieve our overall company goals. We develop a robust master brand strategy and building a consistent and effective brand story that plays out both externally for our customers, as well as internally for our people.
  • Work with cross functional teams to facilitate and support the delivery of our master brand story cohesively across the wider business and through all brand communications.
  • Work collaboratively with the strategy and insights team to monitor brand tracking and interpret insights to inform and refine our long term brand strategy.
  • Directly involved in the creation of our long term multi brand strategy, by being responsible for the positioning and creation of new brands / brand identity to help unlock opportunities within new segments and deliver our growth ambition.
  • Management of the overall brand portfolio architecture, including brand principles, brand values and purpose, creation of "higher purpose" and strengthening our core brand identity.

Marketing Strategy

  • DNA Agency consults, engineers and implements marketing strategy for organizations in a variety of industries. 

    Business Analysis

    • DNA's team includes members with extensive experience in business and finance. Providing consulting regarding business decisions and an audit of business procedures. DNA will ensure efficiency, profitability and consistency when it comes to reporting, pricing and business operations.

      Public Relations

      • DNA Agency will help expand your brand awareness where your potential customers are already reading. We will help you share your story, event, or announcement with local, regional, national, or international exposure and niche publications to drive traffic to your website.

      Website Design and Development

      • DNA is a Shopify Partner Agency with experience designing and developing websites for e-commerce on this platform. Furthermore, DNA Agency has an extensive history of designing and developing exemplary websites on a multitude of platforms. We have been involved with projects spanning many market segments not limited to: Real Estate, Athletes, Addiction Intervention, HealthCare, IT, Education and Technology/App Startups. 

      Search Engine Optimization

      • DNA uses the tools and strategies to ensure your website, blog or webpage is search engine optimized. SEO is absolutely essential in today’s digital market, which requires recognition and appearance at the top of search engine ranking sites such as Google. 

      Technology Implementation

      • As Certified Partners with HubSpot, Shopify, Databox, Google and more we understand the digital tools and products to optimize your social media, brand, SEO, blogs, engagement as well as internal process organization and automation. 

      Social Media Marketing

      • DNA Agency specializes in branding and marketing of organizations by utilizing social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter among industry specific platforms.

      Content Creation

      • DNA Agency understands that content creation may not be your specially nor is it your business. Let us craft the DNA of your brand through the creation of multimedia content and blogs that reflect your brand and attract your desired customers. 

      Referral Marketing

      • Referral marketing is still one of the most efficient and effective methods of lead generation hands down. Let’s face it, your brand needs referrals and reviews to thrive. DNA Agency will ensure you have processes in place, using a multitude of tools, such as landing pages, to obtain and ultimately retain new customers using referral marketing.

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