Brand Commercial Video Production for Galt Ocean Realty Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Brand Commercial Video Production

Galt Ocean Realty real estate brokerage located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Led by real estate agent and broker, Dennis Matson, who wanted fresh brand commercial video for real estate firm located on the Galt Ocean Mile. The brand commercial includes video interviews of Dennis and drone video footage filmed by DNA Agency's video producer, Nathanial Stuart. Brand commercial edited by Ally B. Findeiss, Brand Architect, to highlight the walkable community of Galt Ocean Mile in South Florida.


Real Estate Agent, Drew D. Becker Realtor® Brand Website

Real Estate Agent Oceanfront Condominium Listing Direct Mail

Postcard brand and graphic design with QR code to contact agent to schedule a tour of oceanfront condo listing.

oceanfront condo real estate listing direct mail campaign with QR code to contact real estate agent for a tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

real estate agent at Galt Ocean Realty postcard brand design and direct mail campaign with QR code