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Julie D. Bruno PsyD

Logo design and creation Julie D. Bruno Psy.D.

"Allison has a great business mind fused with creativity and ingenuity. Her marketing knowledge is on point or one step ahead of the industry. She has an amazing work ethic that produces an equally amazing end result."

Dr. Julie D. Bruno
Licensed Clinical Psychologist Certified Addiction Professional
South Florida Psychology Practice

Brand Awareness and Growth Strategy

Branding. Dr. Julie D. Bruno requested a logo design that would communicate the puzzle pieces of psychology with her initials. We designed her logo, business cards, and business intake forms to create a holistic branded look for Dr. Bruno's psychology practice in South Florida. 

Mobile-Friendly Website. Dr. Bruno wanted a website which created a feeling of calmness as soon as the website loads, click here to experience. By developing her website on tradition hand-coded HTML/CSS it has the simple functionality to be ranked highly on Google, no software upgrades needed, unlike a Wordpress website.

Content Marketing Strategy & Coaching. By coaching Dr. Bruno on how to run her social media strategy by sharing insightful psychology articles on her Facebook, YouTube channel, and blog.

Dr. Julie D. Bruno Psy.D.
South Florida Psychology Practice Business Growth

We helped Julie D. Bruno Psy.D. grow her practice by developing a mobile-friendly and search engine optimized website in 2016, which continues attract and convert leads. Laying the foundation of a search engine optimized copywriting on your website helps users find you through organically researching on any search engine (Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo).

We designed custom branded social media images for Dr. Bruno including a LinkedIn cover image and Facebook page cover image displayed below

Julie D. Bruno Psy.D. LinkedIn cover imageJulie D. Bruno Psy.D. Facebook cover image

Sense the feeling of calm.

Website & Marketing Results for Julie D. Bruno Psy.D.'s Private Psychology Practice

Coached her on a social media strategy to attract and engage with potential patients and creating a successful lead flow strategy to keep her private practice schedule full. She will often refer potential new patients to her colleagues. Dr. Bruno continues to delight her clients and potential clients with educational social media posts, follow her Facebook page.

A Note to Psych resource blog, book recommendations, and YouTube vlog continue to help viewers gain insight about psychology of specific mental ailments. 

Psychology therapy for addiction substance abuse in South Florida
Psychology therapy for parents in South Florida
Psychology therapy for individuals suffering from depression in South Florida

All graphics were designed by Allison "Ally" B. Findeiss of Ally Bee Design, Inc. in 2016-17.

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