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Helping Champion Zone Fitness's Grow Their Business + Lead Generation Strategy

DNA Branding + Marketing Agency is responsible for helping Champion Zone Fitness generate an average of 400 website visitors and over 40 leads per month for their gym with only one location! As Champion Zone Fitness's branding and marketing agency, we work closely as a team with our client to create the brand of an inclusive fitness community. We helped develop their lead generation pipeline through effective digital marketing strategies and social media management. You can follow Champion Zone Fitness at @championzonefitness.

Social Media and Marketing Wins

Champion Zone Fitness has been in business since late 2018. They are opening their second location in July 2020, after the Grand Opening of their Davie, Florida location, which was delayed 6-months due to COVID-19.

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How is Champion Zone different than other fitness studios?
  • Building confidence, healthier habits, and strength in our gym members
  • Helping the average American get excited to go to the gym
  • Creating a supportive environment that welcomes all fitness levels to improve their gym routine
  • Teaching members with no boxing experience self-defense in a safe, educational environment
  • Helping South Florida residents get into shape and reach their fitness goals; all without being intimidated by large class sizes
  • Small class size to increase one-on-one coaching
  • Members feel welcomed by being part of a motivational community

Champion Zone Fitness Testimonial

Who does Champion Zone attract for membership?

  • Age: 17-70
  • 70% Females / 30% Males
  • Average American
  • People who want to be more active and have group-fitness training with personalized attention to help them reach their fitness goals.

transformational weight loss image of a woman who attended Champion Zone Fitness classes

Who does Champion Zone Fitness hire as fitness coaches? 

  • Outgoing personality
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Transitional fitness enthusiasts 
  • Inspire people to be motivated
  • Adapt to each individual
  • Won’t buckle under pressure
  • Boxing can be taught

Image of an instructor doing push ups with a member. With a Champion Zone member testimonial overlay that says, "Ariel and Francesca are amazing! If you don't sign up you are missing out!"

What is the long-term vision for Champion Zone?

If you live in Plantation or Davie/Cooper City area, click here to try a free workout at Champion Zone Fitness. You won't regret it or your fitness results!

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