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Drew D. Becker and Allison B. Findeiss Founders of DNA Marketing Agency

Our Story

We are a boutique marketing agency helping small businesses in South Florida grow.

Drew and Ally founded DNA Agency with the vision transforming the world into a greater place of freedom, equality and ingenuity through partnering with start-ups and small businesses to emulate and create the DNA of their organization. From storytelling to search engine optimization, we will create a custom plan to expand brand awareness and client base in the global business community.

Drew D. Becker and Allison B. Findeiss Founders of DNA Marketing Agency

Our Agency

We are a boutique marketing agency helping small businesses in South Florida grow.

DNA: noun
The molecular blueprint and carrier of genetic information for all living things.

DNA Agency ensures your brand and values are communicated through the vast networks of information today with a custom combinations of branding, marketing, and search engine optimization strategies.

We focus our efforts on placing your message and business at the forefront, ultimately building a client base so you can focus on what your business does best.

We strive to educate, while eliminating the vast uncertainty and complexity of marketing and branding for you and your business.

Consumers have the power to research and educate themselves before making purchasing decisions. Content is king - branded, educational content is key to growth.

Allison B. Findeiss

As a Fort Lauderdale native, I have an insider perspective of the South Florida market. A graduate of Pine Crest School and University of Miami laid a foundation of knowledge in design, communications, and entrepreneurship.

In my early career, I had the opportunity to work in several small businesses' marketing departments, which gave me the experience to learn and wear many hats in multifaceted positions.

I founded our parent organization, Ally Bee Design, the summer before my senior year of college. I have the experience and network to promote, market and brand your organization in South Florida.

In my leisure time, I enjoy attending the many live events the greater South Florida community has to offer including art walks, concerts, and Hurricanes games. Go Canes!

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Drew D. Becker Founder of DNA Marketing Agency

Drew D. Becker

A graduate of Millersville University, in Financial Economics, with extensive experience and knowledge in the small business space. I understand the needs of a business promoting and expanding their brand, while also ensuring an optimized budget. Much of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization is fine tuning and leveraging your current data and tools.

With beginnings as a member of "The Snapper", Millersville University's Newspaper, and continued efforts in blogging and technical writing I posses the knowledge and expertise to not only strategize, but create content that is search engine optimized, yet easily digestible and concise for the reader.

In my free time I enjoy the arts, specifically music and fine arts, while also focusing on an alternative venture Lauderdale Native, which represents and embodies the South Florida Arts and Culture space.

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Branding is the lifeblood and foundation of a business, the process of giving a meaning to specific organization, company, products or services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers' minds.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

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Business Optimization

Business optimization is the process of measuring the efficiency, productivity and performance of a business and finding ways to improve those measures. It is considered a basic management technique that can be viewed as a loop of measurement, improvement and measurement.

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